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Holiday Programme Fun!


Our holiday programmes run during the school year holidays, finishing approximately one week after school finishes (depending on the date) and starting up again one week before school begins (again, depending on the school dates).

The holiday programme is focused on providing a place for children to rest and relax, have fun and try new things. 

In the past, we have hired bouncy castles and had visits from superheroes, balloon artists, circus performers, unicyclists and playball as well as trip days.

We also run themed days, where we have a variety of fun themed activities for the children to choose from. This is in conjunction with our usual vast array of toys and games available for the children to play with.



This is how our days generally run, although we do sometimes change our schedule slightly to suit our specific holiday programme activities.

7:45am: Children arrive and parents sign them in. Children choose an indoor activity.

8:30 - 9:00am: Outdoor game, fitness activity or a blast on the playground.

9:30am: A craft or activity related to the theme of the day.

10:30am: Morning tea time.

11:00am: Continuation of, or a new craft or activity or outdoor play.

12:30pm: Lunch time.

1:30pm: Craft, activity or outdoor play.

2:30pm: Feedback session.

Before 3:00pm: Short day children signed out and collected.

3:30pm: Afternoon tea provided.

Full day children collected during the afternoon.

5:45pm:Holiday programme closes.


Short day (7:45-3pm) $43 
Short day plus (7:45-3pm) $48

Full day (7:45-5:45pm) $60
Full day plus (7:45-5:45) $65
(Plus days have outside tutors or extra materials)

Trip day
Short day $68
Full day $84


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