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Before school care


Mornings can be tricky in busy households, which is why we provide breakfast if children arrive before 8:10am, as well as our usual top quality care.

Aligning to our philosophy, there are choices around activities and food in the mornings. 

Menu options each day:

  • Ricies

  • Cornflakes

  • Toast

  • Muffin splits

  • Spreads including margarine, jam, Nutella, honey or Vegemite

  • Porridge with berries

  • Drinks including water, hot chocolate or milk

Activities in the morning include (but are not limited to):

  • Board games

  • Train set

  • Puzzles

  • K'nex

  • Lego

  • Action figures

  • Dinosaurs

  • Marble race

  • Colouring and activity books

  • Drawing and craft

  • Doll's house

  • Play food

  • Card games

  • Outdoor play near the hall from 8am (handball, tag, etc- weather permitting)

If you would like your child to brush their teeth after breakfast, you are welcome to send them with a named toothbrush and toothpaste, which they can keep in their school bag after using. Please let the staff know if you want them to remind your child to do this.


Morning Schedule

7am onwards: Children arrive and are welcomed in. Parents sign children in on the tablet. Children put bags in neat rows on the stage. They choose and make their breakfast with staff assistance if required. After eating, they return their dishes to the kitchen and go to play. If no breakfast is required, they choose a game or activity.

8:10am: Kitchen closes for breakfast. Weather permitting, children go out to play near the hall deck, or they may stay inside and continue their activities.

8:25am: Everyone tidies up and staff do a roll call. After the 8:30 bell, children are released to class. Staff walk younger children who want support to class, and help with getting them ready for learning in their classroom.


Morning care
Casual booking $15.50
Daily recurring $13.50 Full week $62.50 

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